domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

The weekend fades....

Plaza Castilla en la noche


It's no concern of theirs
The world outside
Corrupts my child
So trust these eyes
-Porcupine Tree

Well, I had my meeting with PLT. The HR person at Liberty is bonkers and they cancelled, through no fault of Jason's nor mine own, Celia told us. The good news is that there is another class way up at Tres Cantos which is 20E and 3 hours a week, except that it screws up the time for my later classes. The juggling act never ends. Joder!!!!!

Don is screaming at Orange (Telephone / Internet provider) because the Internet is slower than tortoise covered in honey and because they are not sending us our bills. They said they can't send us our bills until we pay the bill. WTF? Madness i say. Madness!

I'll figure it out. I always do. Somehow. I like Celia. She's the only one i work for these days. Otherwise i work for myself, 14 hours a week, 7 with her.


The vices and the doubt
We resist
All this shit
So kneel, submit
-Porcupine Tree

I think we have a new guitarist - Fernando. And we recorded low quality versions so i can memorize the breaks. We should be gigging in a few weeks. This would mean we would be a regular UN band with members from the USA, Scotland, England, Germany and Spain. Whew!

Last night was Rob's Bday at J&J's. We dressed like it was a wake because he was turning 41 (not funny). I wore a tie for the 1st time in i don't know when. But actually it was hilarious. Pics to come.

Go Jets! Go Dallas! I hate the Cowboys but i hate Brett "i retire more often than Sugar Ray Leonard" Favre more.

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