miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

King Me

It's good to be king,
if just for a while

To be there in velvet,
yeah, to give 'em a smile

-Tom Petty


Wild Card Week Picks

NY over Cincinnati
Dallas over Philadelphia
New England over Baltimore
Arizona over Greenbay

And i'll say it now, i think SD wins the Super Bowl, despite having Stormin' Norman Turner as a head coach. And i think they'll beat..... Hell, i don't know. The NFC is as wide open Glen Beck's mouth. Not the Vikings (thank you Universe!). Please not Dallas, although they are the sexy pick. I'm going to regret this, but i will say New Orleans. I'd actually rather see them win the Super Bowl, but i don't think it'll happen.

Jim Zorn is out as the Redskins' head coach. Amen. Now i can start to root for him again.

Listening to;

Who's Next - The Who
Live in Gdansk - David Gilmour

Aja - Steely Dan

Insurgentes - Steven Wilson

Machina - Smashing Pumpkins


Today is the festival of Las Reyes Magico (The Magic Kings). This was traditional the morning kids got presents.I went out with American Laura last night, which was fun. She was in Florida for the holidays. I am watching Copa del Rey football; Atletico vs. Recreativo Huelva on TV. Huelva is in the 2nd division and leading Atletico 2-0. And Atleti is down to 10 men because of a red card. They are just ugly this year.

It's good to be king 
and have your own world
It helps to make friends,
it's good to meet girls
-Tom Petty

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