sábado, 19 de junio de 2010

Horrendous Call

SCREAMING: Michael Bradley, one of the players held on the play, begged the referee Koman Coulibaly for an explanation. (NY Times)

Koman Coulibaly of Mali now tops the USA's Most Wanted list of terrorists. It was a terrible call (a phantom foul) that denied the US the winning third goal that would have put them atop of Group C with one game to go. Coulibaly never explained who the foul was on. He either ignored players or did not speak English well enough. How can any International Ref not know English, the world language? FIFA said he may be suspended from any further matches, but the damage is done. This guy had a chip on his shoulder about the US from the beginning. No less than three Slovenian's can be seen holding three USA players in the box on the same play, which would be a penalty kick. And a Slovenian was only given a yellow card earlier in the game for what easily should have been red.

This guy is a jackass. And FIFA is moronic for putting him in the World Cup. I want to see action. I am not calling on President Obama to bomb Mali, but to only bomb Coulibaly's house. Then we'll call it

In some much needed good news, Janet has graduated from school and is an x-ray technician. Congrats!

And i am moved out of the hell hole for good. My drums are at Laura's. I am at Laura's. Rest of my stuff is at Maria's. Hooray!

I am making a call to Jack Ruby's daughter to see if she'll "handle" the Coulibaly situation.

The truth is an illusion. Reality is an illusion. Death is an illusion. More or less, we have no idea what the hell is going on. And anyone who tells you they they do, is just disillusioned.
-El Dude, October 18, 1996, Addressing the UN Security Council

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