jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

On the AIr

Radio waves
he hears radio waves
inside his head
-Roger Waters

Hot. It'll go up to 88 today. But i think i'm finally adjusting. Throat dry. Drink lotsa water. Today is a holiday, Corpus Christi, like the grammar school Mel and i went to and Mum taught at all those years ago.

I had a rash on my face and I thought i was allergic to something here in our hellhole flat, but it turned out to be Rosacea. A skin condition that was also like acne.

translated from Spanglish;

"I develop it now? I never had it before."

"It happens when you're old" (that literally how he said it).

"Great. Just another thing that sucks about getting old."

But not to worry. He said it's an easy fix and gave me some stuff to take. At least i know what it is now. And skin stuff runs in the fambly. At least we have strong hearts!

The last few birthdays have been rough. But not to worry. They keep coming! This is the important thing.


-make lunch
-Jam with Pete. Just we two. He needs to break in some new strings.
-Go to Hangar 19 for a beer and check the place out.
-10:30am manana go to la dentista to have them glue in a crown that keeps falling out and i'm sick of using denture stuff. Easy fix. Teeth falling out too! How old am i?
- Oh yeah. 800.
-2 classes
-Chill and prepare for all the lugging of equipment on Saturday afternoon. Gig. Bday party. It'll be fun.

We were on Alberto's radio show, The Show With No Name, yesterday. It was really a hoot. He gave us a copy of it.

invisible airwaves on timeless wavelength
bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

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