miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Suck'em if you got'em

Going to Laura's! Don, like an old horse's defective left testicle, had them clean the mold today, which almost killed me. I told him to wait til i left, but he did not and i was unawares. So they came at 8:30am and i woke up wheezy. Asshole. In retribution, i will not be paying any rent for June.

Don't fuck with me cuz i'd just as soon kill ya as tolerate your idiotic, epsilon minus, semi-moron bullshit
-El Dude

i also may or may not have peed in the ice cube tray, let a scorpion loose in his room (North African - deadly) and/or sent his computer a virus that will erase all music on his computer except Abba and Journey on his computer next year on my birthday (he has both of these bands, i assure ye).

Suck my balls
-Traditional Catholic

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