jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

Minute 92

It was a tense crowd of USA supporters at the bar yesterday. The USA had let several golden opportunities slip away. And then, in the first minute of extra time, Landon Donovan buries the ball in the back of the Algerian net. The crowd at the bar exploded. Jumping, hugging, yelling. So the USA is through. Bring on Ghana, a very tough team, and very possibly the last African team standing by the time the knockout phase begins.

Busy with work. I'll still have some classes the next 2 weeks, which is very good. And i leave for the States two weeks from Tuesday.

It finally got hot here. Horrible. 93F yesterday. Same today. Ugh.

Melting..... melting!
-The Witch of the West, Wizard of Oz

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