sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

The Platypus

Alive! Busy! Lots of classes, which is all good, with more to come.

I will get my new corona (crown) for my tooth on Oct 5th. Hooray!

"My...my....my....new corona!"

I have created a MySpace page for The Platypus (yes, i think we're dropping the 'wayward' part. The tens of people who actually know us all call us The Platypus anyway - give the people what they want.) I'm uploading music, but with a Spanish Internet connection it may not be loaded until tomorrow. The new album is done; music, titles, artwork etc.

Maria is in Guadalajara. So i have the place to myself and can bring home cheap floozies! Actually, i only have one floozy in mind as I am meeting this gal Asun for drinks at 22:00. She's a sweetie. I saw Pete last night and he said that if i bring her home we should use Maria's bed.

Forgive me Father, for i have done wrong....
-Dire Straits

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