miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

Back, Black, Cracked

Evan and I (Aupa Atleti!)

Does the time change lag never end?

My hamstrings (ummm.........Ham strings), ankles and feet hurt. Not used to so much walking after a summer in the Toyoya. Bichy, the only male cat, is grooving to the sounds of the new Platypus album, Brunch with the River Man. And he's Spanish. It only validates my theory that all male cats love progressive rock.

Fripp was freaking in the car this July until i put on Pink Floyd's Animals.


Looking for flats, got 13 hours of classes, never sitting; constant motion. Constant chaos. Re-injured my right elbow again, so off to the fisio therapist today. Looked into getting health ins here. Lots of former students still on holiday. What else is new? But i am back baby. I am back.

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