martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Here again, part V

Mammaries of Summer, part 2

Jim and i cut down three trees the morning after a night of boozing and jamming at the One-Eyed Pig in Newtown

So i am here again in Spain, getting re-expatriated. 5th time i've done this. I taught my first class today with an excellent student from Barclays, Angel Luis. I already have 9 hours a week, which isn't bad for only Sept 7th. More to follow. I will have more repeat students this year than any before.

They started work on my new crown today (corona). My-my-my... new corona!

My whole body hurts. Not used to walking so much.

The cats are fun but you have to count all three before you leave. They like to hide.

Looking at flats. I've only seen ones owned by creepy old men, so far, whom i am concerned will try to molest me. Oh, i could take them if i had to, easily, but i promised Mum; No more killing!

Haven't slept a night straight thru yet.

Sleep of no dreaming
-Porcupine Tree

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