domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010


We are secrets to each other Each one's life a novel No one else has read


Has it been since Miercoles? Crap. Where have i been?

Busy I guess. Looking at flats, not really finding anything. Prepping for class all this morning/afternoon.

Making space on the computer. Soon to be making space in my little mauve 10 x 10 ft. room. Things are a wee bit tight.

I need some space man.

In other flat news, Eartha Kitt is way too thin. She's got big problems. She's falling apart because she weighs nothing. She never eats unless i cook. There is too much empty space in her stomach. It's quite upsetting, but i guess you can't help a person until they are willing to help themselves. She gets a cold every time she takes antibiotics (she had an abscessed tooth), i guess cuz her body is too weak to take the shock to the system. And she's obsessed with her appearance.

Plus, she is very jealous that now, with my new haircut, that i am prettier than her.
I can sympathize with her.

How dare i be so beautiful?!


Move Dude. Move.


Room clean. Bathroom cleaned, for first time in quite some time; well, she doesn't do number 2 ever. Kitchen clean. She doesn't use that either.

So much cat hair. Clumps float by like tumbleweeds across some rural route in New Mexico.

Why is my life this way and how did it get this way? And why is it this way. Again?

Time to bolt and watch Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona.

We are planets to each other
Drifting in our orbits
To a brief eclipse


Atletico lost to Barca, 2-1. That's two losses in a row now. And Wed night vs. Valencia who is at the top of the table. Ugh.


The Seahawks are getting ripped after an error prone first half. But they just scored on their first possession of the second half. We'll see. Both sides of the football have been horrible until the the O put together that last drive. Hasselbeck has been off target and error prone. The D has taken bad penalties. Coughing up big play after big play.

Losing to Denver like this brings back memories of the 70's, 80's and 90's.

And they lose again. It's tomorrow now. Time for bed.

Just between us
I think it's time for us to realize
The spaces in between
Leave room for you and I to grow

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