domingo, 5 de junio de 2011


June 5th in History (we're really getting to the dregs at this point.)

1940/06/05 (Wed): 1st synthetic rubber tire exhibited Akron Oh
1933/06/05 (Mon): US goes off gold standard
1975/06/05 (Thu): Suez Canal reopens (after 6 Day War caused it to close)
1977/06/05 (Sun): Revolution in Seychelles Islands (they had been given independence in 1976 from England but there was a coup in 1977- they are off the coast of Africa, north of Madagascar. Never heard of them before this.)
1996 - Howard Stern makes his market debut in Memphis.

Like i said, dregs.

Great picnic yesterday in Retiro. Great weather for about 3 hours, then it rained but Most of us found a tree and Jenny and i found a big bush (i'm serious) threw down a blanket and sat under it, aided by an umbrella. Then we went to a bar for a bite and then to Barbaroi to watch Spain bitchslap the US National Soccer Team. Save the bitchslapping, it was a great time. Everyone was there; American Laura, the Babylon Sisters, etc. We celebrated birthdays of May 31, June 5 (2) and June 7 (3). Until the rain came, and it was pretty steadily coming down for a spell, it was a sunny glorious 72 degree day.

Vancouver went up 2-0 on Boston (yeah!) The Mets blanked the Braves for Gee's sixth win.

So i am 43 today. Hooray! I Feel like a well-built Toyota.

At the Uni on Friday, the class all wished me a happy birthday. I told them i was going to be 143. This one guy, Xulio (chulio) said, "You look like your only 123!"

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