martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Doce Horas Conmigo

When a problem comes along
you must bend it!
when your girlfriend has a schlong
you must end it!
-Devo / Traditional

Bender Tuesday! Taught class at 11:30. Cooking pasta now. Then class at 15:30. The 19:00 til 21:00. Then go meet the crew for Bender Tuesday. I may teach as much as 35 hours this week! Whew! Stash some cash for August, when there's nothing to do but barbecue and watch porn. I will also break my own indoor/outdoor teaching record (i'll take the MBA class to the patio across the street for a beer and conversation on Fri, which they love.) 12 hours of class with me in the span of a week is just too much. I can't even stand me that long.

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