domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

here and there

Wine tasting in the park 19/6/11


Happy Father's Day to all of you.

I survived 33 hours of class this week. That probably means that i spent at least 25 hours traveling. i only had one class on Saturday and Sunday is a much needed day off.

But i have work. A lot of work. This is always good.

I'm lucky. Mum and my Nana and Pop instilled a decent work ethic in us. A pride in doing things well. Plus it really helps with a having a place to live and food to eat.

I am listening to the highly anticipated album, 2 from Black Country Communion, one of the first super groups in a long time to actually be super. Joe Bonamasa-Guitar, Glenn Hughes-Bass and vocals, Derik Sherinian-Keyboards, and John Bonham- drums. Check out both of their albums when you can. I do not throw praise around lightly, but they are awesome.

Hot hot hot. It will be between 34 and 36C the next few days. That's 92-96F. 309 Kelvin, whatever that means.

We had a wine tasting in Retiro park that rocked. Now, shower, eat pasta and back to work!

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