miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011


Happy Birthday Kevin (June 9)
Happy Birthday Frippy and his brother Mully (June 15)
Happy Birthday Bayside (June 17)

And like that it's done. Gemini fest is over. The long long string of birthdays is over. I think there were ten. Til next year! I like June. It's a good month. It's a teacher's month.

Worked 15 hours the past three days, which is average (5 a day). Manana and Fri will be 17. It's good. I'm happy for the work. I'll be exhausted by week's end, but so be it. i can sleep as much as i want this weekend. Just one class on sabado in a cafe over red tea. That's a good class.

Okay, it's 1:03 on Thurs morn. I have class at 11:30. I bid you all a good night and a pleasant manana!

_On our next episode_
  • The Bullfight with Justine the hot French chick
  • Burning your Verguenza

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