sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Gemini Rising

I guess it's one of those things

You can never explain

Like when an angel cries
Like runaway trains

Like one of those times

That's never the same
Like when something dies
Like runaway trains

-Tom Petty

What day is it? Friday. No... 4:15 AM. Saturday. Whew! Long day, but fun. Lots of good classes.

We came in second in the Quiz tonight; Mike, Ben, Josh and i. Respectable. ooohhh. I have a party to be at in 12 hours. better get some shut eye!


Congratulations to Atlanta. This is city of under a half million, best known for being a Delta Airlines hub and the home of CNN, now has the dubious distinction of being the only NHL market in the modern era to lose it's hockey team TWICE, both to Canada (the Atlanta Flames move to Calgary in 1980, The Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg in 2011.)

Let's burn Atlanta again!
-me, 1999 After Atlanta beats the NY Mets in the NLCS


I love waking up and falling back to sleep. We are all meeting at Retiro Park at 4 for a picnic, of sorts. It's a Gemini fest. Me, Alberto, Ana, Laura Mitchell and Carrie. Carrie had to go back to Alabama to take care of some family business and i don't know if Laura Mitchell is coming, but still; there are 4 of us. And Bayside is a Gemini too, the 17th. So many Geminis, so many expats (Ana y Alberto are Spanish, but they hang with us, and Alberto is married to Carrie). Is there a like equation? Probably..... that we are all certifiably Bonkers.

Carrie is actually the 5th like me. She's the good twin. Which...., i guess makes me the evil twin. I bet that comes as a shocker. So the pic above is a fairly accurate portrayal, excepting that i normally hide my horns and my tail and i don't have hooters (God Damn it! ). But my hair's almost that long. And we both love to rock high heel shoes!

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