miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Winds from the Sahara

Jueves: 1:45

Go Mets! Above .500. Well, i'll enjoy it while it lasts. They will need to keep Reyes, who is having a monster year if they are to remain a winning team. But i think the Wilpons will trade him at the deadline so they can at least get something back for him before he can just walk away. He's said he wants to stay in NY. Either way, Senior Wilpon can't afford to pay him what he can get on the open market.

After a fourth day of bowel-churning heat, it is cool and breezy tonight. It's 72F! There are nights when it's still 90F at 1:00 in the morning! It is actually cold out on the patio. It feels awesome. There are times when after days of baking heat and burning sunshine, your mind plays tricks on you and think you will never be cool again. I just keep drinking electrolyte solution, powerade, gazpacho and fresh squeezed orange when it's like this. You don't even feel like eating. Two oranges (liquified) and gazpacho was all i ate until i had a quarter of a grilled chicken and a salad at 22:30. This place becomes a desert in the summer. People melt. Women go braless whenever possible. At least there's an upside. You lose weight too cuz you don't want to eat. One 1/4 of a chicken all day? I'm not sure how i did it, but there were days i 'd put away a whole chicken. Sweet baby Jar Jar Binks that's a lot of pollo.

Okay. I'm going to out on the terrace and freeze my ass off. Just because i can.

Sweet goddess Isis, Mother of Horus, who's many incarnations were the great Pharaohs,

Thanks for turning off the freaking Oven that is the Sahara for a couple of days. Stupid African winds. It was so hot and my balls were hanging so low that i tripped on them twice this week. SO thanks for that.

Your Loving Subject,
King Tut / Steve Martin

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