miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011



i can't be sure, but i think that recently listening to several musical projects that include Tony Levin have changed my life (see: Stick Men, Liquid Tension Experiment, and his solo stuff.) It's unlike anything i've ever heard (see: Exit Stage Left, Rush -Meddle, Pink Floyd - Red, King Crimson, - Selling England, Genesis.) Sometimes you get into something and it changes the way you look at music.

i need a change. Not sure what it is. And i've just been thru so much change! It's a minor one. I 'll figure it out. Life keeps you on your feet, i'll tell you that much.

The teaching treadmill. It's always running. But, that's kind of what i was looking for, i guess. i'm not sure what that means but it's 1:18 on a Tuesday morning, so i'm gonna let it slide.

Take me off the grill cuz i'm done. Night!


Looking for extra work in the summer. Maybe i could be an Au Pair in August. Either that or i'll reluctantly go back to scoring pornos for a while. I mean, i did get best score for Rack of Ages, I Know Who You Did Last Summer, and the epic Nineteen - Hundred and Eighty Whoors. Screw it, it's a living.


2 Classes canceled so i only taught 1. I just can't seem to work on Tuesday (Martes.) So i cooked up a half kilo of lamb chops and had a salad. Yum. Do the dishes, hang laundry and then off to Bender Tuesday. I'll make them up on Friday (Viernes.) Cleaned my room so it's spanking clean!



Sunny and really cool. 64F. Beautiful! Shower. Then teach, teach and teach.

It's not letting me add a photo, so you'll have to use your imagination.

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