domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Another Tricky Day

Last Friday at the MBA class, Silvia was the only one who showed. They are in finals so i understand. So she and i had a good class for about an hour an forty-five minutes. I'm not going to keep the poor woman there with me for four hours. But this is the email i got from one of my students on Saturday;

Sent On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 9:02 PM,
HI! I arrived at 20.30 and nobody's at class, I can`t arrive before because my flatmate was enclosed at the bathroom and that's the reason why I was late

First off, this guy makes more excuses the Palestinians. I don't care about the reason, you are there or you're not. It's not a big deal. But was his friend locked in the bathroom? Was he stuck? Was the door jammed or is he just stupid? Was it a call for help? Suicide attempt? All that matters, i guess, is that the friend is okay.

Now Anthony Weiner, that's not okay. He emails picture's of his schlong and his last name is WEINER! That's just too ironic. At least he's accurately named.

Flashback to 1616. "Okay, we need you all to get some last names. ...You, there, you'll be Smith cuz you're a Blacksmith. You, the baker,'ll be Baker. And you, the one who's always exposing himself through the peephole in the women's outhouse..., you'll be Weiner."

(This is no social crisis)
This is you having fun
(No crisis)
Getting burned by the sun
(This is true)
This is no social crisis
Just another tricky day for you

-The Who

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