domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

i choose the 4th

Retiro Park: You can see it if you come visit!


broken skyline which way to love land
which way to something better
which way to forgiveness
which way do i go?
-Tom Petty

It's July 4th weekend. Justine and Mihaelia are coming over to BBQ and chill on the terazza. Brian left to teach at a camp for two months near Galicia. I saw Mihaelia at Barbaroi on Friday. Justine had taken her out because she was bummed. So i said; "4th of July BBQ on Sunday!" They are from Rumania and France so they have never celebrated the 4th of July. All the same, it's a shame. It's the greatest summer holiday ever.

Yesterday i bought a cooling pad from my PC which kept overheating. It happens a lot here in Madrid because it's just so fucking hot. It's working swimmingly, which is cool cuz i have to make the Final exam for the MBA class. Tuesday is a review and then Thurs. is the test. Friday we practice the Oral English exam for the Program final exam later in July. The on the 12th i give them their exams and that's it. The class is over!

time to move on time to get going
what lies ahead i have no way of knowing
but under my feet baby grass is growing
its time to move on its time to get going
-Tom Petty

Okay! Shower, buy food, work on exam, and then BBQ! I've got 444 songs, all by American artists, cued up on my trusty old iPod. From Adrian Belew to Tom Petty. From CCR to Pat Benatar. Johnny Cash to Miles Davis. Blue Oyster Cult to Pearl Jam. Allman Brothers to Van Halen.

Happy 4th of July Charlie Brown!

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