viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Perpetual Change


New idea for a story - The Old Man Who Eats the Sea. The EU is passing new fishing laws to avoid waste since the whole planet is fishing the seas dry. Bravo.

But i wish i was in CT with all of you guys, barbecuing Salmon, Swordfish and King's Crabs Legs. Ha. Mum and i eat a lot of bbq when i'm in town.

Next year. For sure.

Xmen - First Class was very good.

Listening to lots of Genesis this week. I guess it's always good for the soul.


Nursery Cryme

Trick of the Tail

Live in Basil '72

Anyhoo. i miss you all. But i always feel in touch with all of you through this crazy blog thing. And the Internet. And SO many other ways,

And all this time that's passed me by

it hardly seems to matter now

not now


The Seester actually knows Nursery Cryme quite well, We used to sing Harold the Barrel. That's a cool sister,

And now to bed. Good night and may you dream of Unicorns made of white chocolate.


GO USA WOMEN"S SOCCER! Vs. Japan for the Cup on Sunday, like 20:45 my time.

And may all your summer nights be mercifully cool enough to sleep. Like tonight.

Up at the window

look at the window



And one peculiar point I see,
As one of many ones of me.
As truth is gathered, I rearrange,
Inside out, outside in, inside out, outside in,
Perpetual change.

Looking for a flat. What a drag! Now maybe if i dressed in drag while i was looking.... Hey! that could be fun. Can i fit into Dani's girlfriend's clothes. There's only toms of them here. You know, i don't even fucking know her name. He told me once but i forgot. Oh, and i don't really give a damn either. No work today so i am in flat finding mode.

it's only 84F, praise Jah.

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