viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Packing and Vitriol

I'm getting closer to my home

-Grand Funk Railroad

Music to Vacate by;

Live at Rockplast - Porcupine Tree

30 Years of Funk - Grand Funk Railroad

Live from Earth - Pat Benatar

They Can't All be Zingers - Primus

Okay. I have a flat! Hooray for fucking me! Just the other side of Calle Alcala, the main drag. Sorin will bring his guys and i'll move on Sabado at 13:00. 4 hours today of teaching. 3 manana. 1 on viernes.

I finished watching the first season of Game of Thrones. Awesome!

I have to work at 10:00 manana. Night!


Everything must go

-The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Memo to the Republicans and John Boehner: (he pronounces it Bayner, but just look at it. The guy's name is Boner, and he acts like one!) You assholes are playing chicken with both the US and the world economy, just to try and exact a pound of flesh from Obama and the Dems. If the US loses it's S&P AAA credit rating, we are boned (Boehned i say!) The Republican Party used to stand for small government and being fiscally conservative. Now they just blatantly stand for protecting the ultra-rich from higher taxes, even at the expense of healthcare for it's citizens. It's criminal. You are all an embarrassment. You know what? i'd rather have a fucking king then you fucking assholes. It's a pity there is no hell because you bastards deserve to be barbecued for 1,000 years. Memo to Michelle Bachman: If by some apocalyptic tragedy you become president, i will NEVER live in the USA while you are in power. PS. "Praying away the Gay" is the stupidest practice i ever heard. What are you, a fucking witch? How fucking dare you! My sister is gay and you know what? There's nothing wrong with her! She's a beautiful human being. You are not fit to wipe her ass, and if you ever had the honor, you could use your next proposed piece of anti-gay legislature.

Wow, i feel so much better. :)

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