sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Enter July


Always crashing in the same car

-David Bowie

Mets 8-2. Clubbing the Tigers again!

I was just out on the terrace, It was freezing. It's 68F and the wind is blowing from the northeast. Aire frescito (cool air.) It was 99F today. It will be 99F again manana. Frigg a pig!

8-5. Capuano gave up a couple of bombs.

But it's 68F so everything is alright. Alright i say.

Listening to;

Live in Zurich 1980 - Led Zeppelin

Low - David Bowie

Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards - Joe Satriani

Live at Leeds (disc 1) - The Who

Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree

Katy Lied - Steely Dan

8-6. Yikes. 3 long balls por Los Tigres.

14-8. Murphy has 4 RBI. The Mets have scored 50 runs in the last 4 games. What the what? And the Mets are doing it on the road against AL teams, widely considered the better league.

It is windy. We're on the 5th floor. The winds are about 8 mph.

Bedtime. Night People.


Whew! Long but good day. Hot! I almost dozed off in the booth where i ate. It was crispy cold AC. But then i has a cafe con leche and i was off to teach 2 more at 8. All three classes are very enjoyable. I have the intermediate folks for the last time tomorrow. I may have them again come fall. That would be nice.

Head spinning. Exhausted i suppose. I drank so much water today, the sun and heat take a lot out of you. Everyone you see on the street has a sheen to them. Shiny. It's just sweat. And in my case sunscreen. Me so sexy. Me love you long time.

The Mets lost. They had to lose sometime. Bring on the Yankees!


Fucking Yankees. Mets lost 5-1. It never ends. At least it's the weekend. Happy 4th of July weekend!

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