miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

A New Era

Taste the water from a stream of running death
Eat the apple and cough a dying breath
Give me the freedom to destroy
Give me a radioactive toy
-Porcupine Tree

The Seahawks signed Tavaris Jackson as their new QB, so the Hasslebeck era is over. He is tied for wins with Dave Krieg. It was the right move. Hass needs a good offensive line and can win with the right team. He was not a good fit for the rebuilding Hawks. It'll be interesting to see where he lands.

And a new era for me. Okay! I decided on a flat. There were very slim pickings. Rooms a bit smaller but nice. And the price is right! Shower, go give Sara the deposit, shop, cook lunch and then 4 hours of class. The good news is that i am pretty well packed and Maria, Carolyn and Cara have all offered to help me pack if i need any help. I may take one of them up on it. It's in this same neighborhood where i've lived for past two years (and once back in '07 -'08 too).

Lookout Mama cuz i'm comin' home tonight
-Neil Young

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