miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


Monday is father's day here in Spain (St. Joseph feast day). Sooooooooo Catholic, at least when it comes to holidays. The Welsh Witch and i are going to Alcala De Henares for the day. You can get there by the local Cercanias Train. Her father died ten years ago of a heart attack. And me, as you know, well i never really had one. I think of Pop (my Mum's father) as my father figure. Maybe someday Annie will feel similar about me. Speaking of which; Annie started taking violin lessons. She practices every day and adores it. I promised Susan i won't recruit her into a King Crimson '73 - '74 cover band until she's 16. But i did send Annie three KC songs. Sue said she'd press play and then leave the room. I said i could live with that. 

But i digress.

So Vicky and i will spend a fatherless day together. She thought it was a great idea. 

1:37. Damn, i have to wake up at 7:00. I go sleeping. 

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