lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Looking Forward

Wow, i was unaware that March 11 was such a shitty day in history. It's the day of the Japanese 9.0 eartquake, tsunami, nuclear power plant leak. It's also the day that 4 Al Quaeda bombs went off simultaneously at Atocha train station, killing 191 people in 2004. Rupert Murdoch was born in 1931, who would later be responsible for Fox News. A really bad day. 

Well, here's some things to look forward to:

The Hunger Games (movie) - March 23 USA, April 20 Spain
The Lorax - March 30, Spain
Game of Thrones (season 2) - April 1
Baseball begins - April 5 

Just finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It was insane. Good but difficult to understand what the hell was happening at points. But it all came together in the end. File it under, fantasy, mythology, sci fi, and fucking weird. 

What to read next?

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