sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

The Now and the Future

Saint Patrick's Day and the last day of 6 Nations Rugby. Wales goes for the Grand Slam if they beat France and then Ireland / England from London! Vicky, Brian and Mihaelia will all be there. Then there's an 80's party at Barbaroi but i think i'll be knackered by then.

I saw UConn was knocked out of the Tournament as well as Duke and Missouri (Misery.)

With Rugby done after today i look forward to baseball. The Mets called me for a tryout. I refused. Given their salary constraints i can make more money as a teacher.

Washington Nationals anyone?

- - - 

The Mitt Witt, Sanctamonium, and Limbaugh are insane. Romney said "Planned Parenthood will be gone" when he's elected, and Santorum is EVEN MORE conservative. So what next, Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale becomes reality? We become a religious state called New Gillead and women lose all of their rights as people if they are fertile because their bodies are remanded as procreation vessels?

Over my dead fucking body. 

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