sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

pleased to meet me

i haven't seen me in quite a while. With finishing the book, and lots of morning and afternoon hours from the academy i've been busy as hell. I saw Carolyn, Laura, Carla all at J&J. They asked me to go out with them when they left JJ's but i was knackered. So i went home. I was asleep before 00:00. But it's been a great week.

I taught 6.5 hours yesterday and did an intensive 2.5 hour course with a guy who needed to practice an interview in English. This is my sweet spot because of my marketing experience. It's a lot of fun and you're helping somebody who wants to get a better job.  It's another reason why it's good to be working for 3 academies, even though i only have one class each with Transfer and and PLT. You stay in their mind and they always use me for intensives for business people.

And writing has been great. Last week i started writing a blog for Maria's new company. The blog is  called Un Guirri Entre Gatos. It means a foreigner among the cats. People who have two parents that are both from Madrid are called cats.

So i tell a funny story and end it with the explanation of a phrasal verb. So i introduced my self, told them how i came to be in Spain, the (PG-13) version, and then said, "So that's me in a nutshell. Then i posted a definition from the dictionary; TO BE CONCISE. Her and her partner, Paloma, really liked it.

Yah! Writing is what i've always done. I must remember that it's what i must always do.

I spoke with Mum on Wed. and i was talking about how i've never worked this long on a book. And she said something like, "You know Jay, maybe you just needed to let some time go by, so you could see it with more clarity." I think she pretty well nailed it.

It was an exhausting process.


The price of petrol in Europe is at an all time high. The leaders of Iran are insane. I don't know what they hope to gain. War with Iran would be bad. No one can afford it.

Hmmm. Sorry to end on such a sour note. Well, here's some good news.... North Korea agreed to curb their nuclear project in exchange for aid in the form of food.

And tomorrow Brian and i will watch Ireland / France in 6 nations rugby. It's a big game.

Baseball has added a 5th playoff team for 2012. They will play in a one-game playoff to see who goes off to the LDS. Sounds delicious! The Mets would need 30 teams to make the playoffs to make it this year. And so once again, the Mets are in full tilt rebuilding mode. Fortunately the Washington Nationals have a real chance to compete. That is the division of daetha and Mayhem  with Philly, Miami (yeah, that's what tehy call them now), Atlanta and Washington. The Mets are completely boned in that division. 

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