jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

A blur of a week

Whew! I have been allergy ridden or sick as a dog the past two days (it matters not which, as i feel like poop on a stick either way.) I called in sick to my 8:00 class but made all the others. Five hours manana (i finish at 21:00) and then i am done. I've been sleeping like crazy. 8 hours of sleep is a hell of a lot for me, which i did last night. I have been a mucous factory. That's the nicest way i can describe it. 

We finally got some rain which should have cleared out the allergens and pollution but i feel like hell. Maybe i am sick. physically. Or in the head. Or both. 

Ooohhh, yeah
i'm just a snot machine
ain't gonna honk for nobody but you

But things could be worse - I could live in Greece. Or i could be Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum's wife or children. If either of those douchebags win the election i am never coming back to the USA to live. I'll just move to Madagascar and become an organic farmer. And start my own religion; Benderism.

The European Union is crumbling all around us. Things are worse in Spain than ever, at least since Franco. Luckily, i have work cuz everyone wants to learn English in order to get a job. 

Weekend Plans:

Friday - Work, then sleep
Saturday - Sleep
Sunday - The Welsh Witch and i will go see my friend Tweedie in MacBeth at 16:30, then sleep.

It will pass but being sick makes me feel like i'm 1,000 years old. In actuality i'm only 133.

But i am home. And comfy. I'll be asleep by 00:00 to get at least 7.5 hours of snooze before i teach manana at 9:00. 

Listening to:

Peter Gabriel (1)
Peter Gabriel (2)
Peter Gabriel (3)

I adore the second Gabriel album. It was produced by Robert Fripp.

Finished Hunters of Dune. Awesome! Bring on Sandworms of Dune. I read therefore i am.

Has anyone seen my pants?

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