sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012



Songs on a Playlist;

The Adults Free yourselves from this madness
Radiohead Airbag
Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees
Roger Waters The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
Radiohead Fitter Happier
The Adults This Town
Roger Waters Watching TV
Asia Video Killed The Radio Star
The Adults                 Not All Rotten

Days go by and we are still dry. Rain seems like a distant memory.

Found an article in the BBC called 5 Interpretations of The LORAX - BBC MAGAZINE

I'll teach it next week. I taught a little thing about Leap Day lore. If you haven't seen 30 Rocks episode about Leap Day William, it's hysterical and i'm sure you can watch it on Hulu or something.

So lazy. Don't want to move. Must shower - eat - clean. 

Books I read in Feb
1Q84 - Murakami - Books I,II, and III
She Drove a Stake Through His Head (tales of biblical horror) - various 
Buying New Soul - Me

1Q84 for bizarre and dreamlike. Way bizarro. She Drove a Stake... was freaking awesome! I reccomend it very highly. And Buying New Soul  which i've read and re-read, i'm happy to say i really enjoyed and i think it's the best thing i've ever written. But, i think any writer, musician, etc. always feels the newest thing is the most excitibg thing you've done. If you don't - you might be in big trouble! It takes just as long to write a bad book as a good one. 

Baseball adds an extra wild card to play a one-game playoff. Awesome!

I was against adding the wild card back in 1994. I was wrong. It's a long season and it's best of more teams have a chance. Twice now, the Cardinals have caught fire in Sept. and won a World Series. I hate the Cardinals but that's besides the point. 

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