sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Catnip and Gravy

The CAT who did SQUAT; by Dr. Sasquatch; Madrideology iii

That's Martin (MAR-TEEN, like 'Gangrene'), sleeping in my bed. He's a good cat. He greets me at my bedroom door in the morning. He's a heat whoor.

all i can remember is what i am
i cannot forget what i was
i try to be what i can be
and then the whole thing just kind of goes to hell

-Ancient Proverb of Atlantis (not Atlanta)

time has flown. Its mid-October. I love all of you people (anyone who has read this for over three years is really hard-core.) I spoke to Mum on the phone yesterday, which was very nice. Always nice to hear her voice. Hell, her voice IS my voice. I talk just like her. Same cadence, same lilt. Exact.

I just sound more like a Muppet.

I'm willing to live with that.

Speaking words of wisdom
let it be
-The Beatles

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