lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

SPANISH DAY / soil myself

Cristobal Colon

Got just one class tomorrow, a make up from today. I have a few make-up hours on Fri too. I'll take all the hours i can. I love teaching. Money is good to pay for stuff.

Happy Columbus day! Same holiday as Spanish Day. They more celebrate the spread of Spanish / Latin influence. That was 500 years ago. Five hundred years! Damn, time flies. As is a constant theme in this blog, they just haven't done much lately. It makes you wonder how long the SPANISH (meaning Iberia) culture will last. But it's been here a long time. They were once the super power. It's hard for me to imagine, really. I mean, there's lots of stuff i really enjoy about Madrid, but, this country being a super power? No i can't imagine it, and i most certainly would soil myself if i did.

But they did pay for an Italian dude to discover a new route to the East Indies. And he discovered the NEW WORLD. Of course the natives and the Vikings already knew it was there. But he put it on the map for all of Europe.

I know all about the ugly pilgrim thing
Entertainers bring May flowers
-Liz Phair

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