miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

The Gathering of Stuff

The black queen chants The funeral march,
The cracked brass bells will ring;
To summon back the fire witch
To the court of the crimson king.
-King Crimson

Looks like we'll move my stuff on Sat. Gotta go to Maria's and Laura's and bring my stuff here.

I like Martin the cat. He's friendly, inquisitive and loco. I like that in a cat.

Listening to Van Halen II. They sure did a lot of covers in their career. Not their best album.

Classes are progressing. I have 23.5 hours a week, if some aren't canceled (seems like some always are).

I will actually have some time on Friday to buy some food and stuff like that. That'll be nice.

So who wins the World Series?

Not the Yankees. Not Minnesota. Not Texas.

Tampa in the AL, i guess.

Not Atlanta. Not San Fran.

I guess this Philly/Cincy series will decide it. - Whoa! Halladay just pitched a no-no!

Advantage Philly.

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