jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Gollum's Grandfather

The Yanks won. Cheers to all you Yankers; Jim, Kev, Mum, Seester. I was able to listen to it on MLB.com for free! Thank you Bud Selig (Bud Slug). Now please go get your sheep's blood transfusion and vitamin enema so that you can cheat death for another ten years.

The Mets will rise again. Maybe 2017.

Jueves evening. Praise Jah. One class tomorrow. Then Tuesday is a holiday. Spanish Day or something. They rotate like every three years. Every day is a holiday here in Spain. There is a reason why they haven't been a world power since 1898. And don't forget 1588, that whole destruction of the Spanish Armada thingy.

But this is home. Or not. It's hard to tell sometimes. I have two homes, at the moment.

00:28 and i'm already in bed! Hooray. Weekend!

Two continents. Two pairs of clean boxers left. Two left feet. Too many classes and not enough clones. To clown around or not to clown around? That is the question. That's all folks.

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens
-Talking Heads

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