domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

Homeless No More


I feel so lazy. 16:32 and I haven't done a thing. Slept til 14:00. Just exhausted. Must set up room.

Tuesday is Spain Day (To celebrate Cristobal Colon)

music to decorate by-

A Trick of the Tail / Genesis

Black Country Communion / Black Country Communion
Strange Beautiful Music / Joe Satriani
8 Days Later / The pineapple Thief
Live from Paris Theatre, London, ) Oct. 3, 1971 - Pink Floyd

Axis: Bold As Love / Jimi Hendrix


A bit of headway. Putting fall clothes in drawers. Hanging up collared shirts. It should all fit but my room is going to look like an Escher painting. It will be Feng Shui -less. Ah... life as an outlaw.

Football and baseball start in an hour.

I should eat something. And get coffee. Sweet adorable coffee.

Cool and rainy. I don't think the heat is on, but i have my little plug in heater. I'll send you pics once this beast is tamed.

NO Seahawks today. NO Atletico (it's an international qualifying week.) Nothing enticing to listen to while i reconstruct. The South's Reconstruction was nothing compared to this. Time to get back to the Chain Gang.


Two cups of potent coffee, fried eggs, chips and chorizo. Switch my cleaning switch to on!


Elena kind of fought me about doing my own laundry. She did some of ours together. Whites etc. But it's kind of a pain in the balls. Just get the fuck out of my way and let me do the laundry. I don't need a mom to do it. I've done it for years. The last girl to live her still as her desk here but she's taking it. Elena gave me screwdrivers to take it apart (you're welcome.) However, it was from fucking IKEA, and needed an allen wrench. I abandoned the idea of taking it apart and just lifted it, and the top came off. Elena was freaking out. I was like, "i just lifted it, it's not broken." And maybe the other bitch should have cleared her shit out before i moved in.

Then i was hanging laundry and i could hear our temporary housemate, Jonas, talking about grad school historical shit ( He's here to research the Spanish Civil War - "i was like, what do you want to know, seriously.") Anyway, it was quite geeky and surreal.

When i went into the interior outside atrium we have to hang the clothes, she asked me to close the sitting room door because Martin (the cat) was alseep under the blanket and she didn't want me to wake him. Seriously? Okay, even if my Espanol is a bit off, you are crazy.

Why me? Why can't i find one normal person to live with? I just want to keep to myself when i am home. I'll stay in my room. You won't even know i'm here. Just let me be.

Obsessive people drive me nuts.

Ironic, I know.

Hopefully it will all blow over. If i have to, i'll just take the place by force. And then disappear. Because i don't exist.

I never existed.

I'm just a voice decaying in the wind.

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