sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Zero Hours

My Mac Book tells me the time now, on the hour, in a female voice. The cyber chick just said "It's 00:00 hours." Zero hours. That's fudged up man. It sounds like it's the dawn of time. The first hominid to smash another one in the head to get the last banana.

I got all my stuff to my place. It was raining which meant i had to wipe of all the drums when i got home. The i ate Chinese. Then i went to the first jam of the new school year. We were without our bassist, but it was fun. Then i ate some of Elena's homemade pate with bread and now i am chilling.

I rearranged my room this morning and tomorrow i'll have to tweek it to best fit my stuff and the drums. I met Sauron, the mover, at Maria's in Getafe. We packed my stuff and then went to Madrid (to Laura's) and got the drums. And then came here. I am exhausted. Haven't played drums in 6 weeks. That's unheard of. Wrist and elbow getting better.

We have a gig Dec 3rd and i think Nov 28th. It felt good to play those songs again. It's nice to play our songs.

Tomorrow is week 5 of Fantasy Football, which i love. 1/3 thru the regular fantasy season. I'm in first in our division, Kev in 2nd and Mike in 3rd. The other division is 2 dudes we don't know and Mel. Mel is in 2nd. But there's a lot of football left and those bye weeks and really throw a spanner in the works.

Winner gets ..... guess! Jamon!

I am watching Wall Street 2. Two songs from the last David Byrne/Brian Eno alb win in the film at the beginning. Very cool. Three actually. Wow.

Texas is up 1-0 in game 3 and looking to KO Tampa Bay. I never would have thought. I think this would be Texas' first time in the ALCS. I just checked it - yes it would be. Actually they've never even won a playoff series! They were the original Washington Senators.

"it's one hours."

The Rays tied it up. 1-1. I hate Texas. The team and the state. Arlington is a tin and plastic hell hole.

Strange overtones in the music you are playing
-Byrne / Eno.

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