sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Texas, a baseball black hole

The Yanks are done. They were out-classed by Texas.
Texas. Did i just say that? But between great pitching and torrid hitting, the Yanks could not solve the Rangers. I hope San Fran beats both Phillie and Texas. If it's Philly vs. Texas then i hope they play 35 inning game 7 until Bud Slug dies of a heart attack and all the players drop of exhaustion and the 2010 season goes down with 1904 and 2004 as the only years without a world series champion. Why no WS in 1904? Because John McGraw, Manager of the NY Giants, refused to play the AL Champion Boston Americans because they played in a 'minor' or 'junior' league. McGraw also hated Ban Johnson, President of the AL. Who doesn't loving a good pissing contest?!

And now the ever-so-likeable state of Texas, gets another shot at their first WS. Houston went once and was beaten by the White Sox in 2005. Texas never even has won a playoff series until this year.

And Ron Washington, who's done a great job, tested positive for cocaine use in 2009. As a manager! Wow!

Can't we just give Texas their independence and call it a day?

The following has been brought to you by The Spanish Exile Blog, where useless knowledge lives.

Preparing for my first hour class at the university on Thurs. I have oral testing (that sounds gross!) on Tuesday. I better wear a body condom.

Been on a Yes jag all day. Listening to:

Closer to the Edge
Going for the One
Tales of Topographic Oceans (disc 1)

Lots of prep work. 26 hours this week. Maybe 28, if i can wedge 2 more in somehow. Tomorrow i'll prep for my regular classes. At least i didn't have to work Fri, Sat, or tomorrow.
We jam at 17:00 tomorrow. Then Listen to Seahawks/Arizona for the right to first place in the NFC West (also known as
Worst, Weak, Worthless, Wart division.) But hell, i'll take it. They'll probably tie. Then work at 11:00 on Monday.

Eat, drink, teach, poop.

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