viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

The ever changing river

Ugh. I am exhausted. Classes and meetings to prep for the University course that starts next week. A Jay's work never ends. House fine. Martin is fine (gato loco). Ahhh. i am listening to a live version of Squonk from 1978. I remember when we used to play that song with Homer and the Doughnuts.

I am old.

Off to meet Pete and happy hour. The band is changing. Tamara is leaving in Dec. and Pete probably in Jan. However, i've already contacted a potential new lead singer and new guitarist, both of whom i know well and have played with before. We'll have at least 2 gigs with tam, maybe three. If this happens i will be the sole 'original' member. I'll be like Fleetwood without the Mac! Well, it's cool. We'll see what Fernando wants to do. And then we'll take it from there. Nothing ever stays the same, does it? I guess that's good. I'd hate to be watching Happy Days right now. Seriously.

Okay. Left foot - right foot. Left foot - right foot.

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