viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Univeristy Professor

Arbol y Pintada; (Plaza Colon) Madrideology ii

Things are looking up. After a rough week with 9.5 hours canceled because of Spain Day, It appears that i will have between 26 - 30 hours in regular week. Also, I am going to be teaching at a University in the North from 6:30 - 10:30 on Friday Evenings. It's a post/grad class. I need to buy one of those blazers with the ugly patches on the arms. It will be heavy on business and marketing, which is right in my zone. Wow. I am really stunned by this turn of events, but so happy! It's an escuela de negocios (a business School.) Me, teaching at a University/graduate level. Has the world gone mad?!! MADrid. Oh yeah. I guess it has. I'm so happy i could poop my pants. No, wait a moment. I just have to take the Poop D'Jour.

IEDE escuela de negocios

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