martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

First Day

A Stick in God's Eyeball; Madrideology v

That's the Torre Picaso, where i work 4 times a week.

All is well. Exhausted, but having fun. I administered the oral part of the examination today at the University. No tongue depressors were involved although i'm not sure why.

I am listening to Rush playing A Farewell to Kings live in Tuscon in '78. Lovely. I taught Rush's Cygnus X-1 Books I and II in class yesterday. One gal had given her presentation on astrophysics and black holes and dwarf stars (and she's also HOT if you were wondering), so i had to teach Cygnus (For those of you who don't know, it is the story of and astronaut going through a black hole, and if you don't know, what the hell is wrong with you?) Mum is the only one excepted from this (she much prefers Limelight and the rest of the first side of Moving Pictures.)

I am in a walking coma state. It's good to be home. And whenever i blog, knowing that you crazy folks out there have been reading this for close to four years now, i am home as well.


is it any wonder that the monkey's confused?
-Roger Waters

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