sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Behind the Battle lines....

i know they're still holding ground, behind the battle lines
- John Wetton

Sabado 17:15

Out of my brain on the train on train on the 5:15
-The Who

Foul rainy weather that thwarts my attempts to have clean boxers. Damn ye to the nether regions of Hell! Or, Alack, Damn me to this interminable heat. At least my underwear would dry!

Going out to dinner again tonight with Brian, his sister Elaine and their cousin and her hubby, who is an Arsenal fan and was taken aback by my Tottehham Hotspur scarf, which i've had for years. I told him to shut his Arse(nal.) Hee Hee! Me so funny. Me make you laugh long time.


Time to go to Dinner!

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