martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Requiem for the Damned

Okay. This is an article by Bleacher Report, which was sent to me in an email from the Seattle PI, a Seattle Newspaper (which for the record switched to online only like two years ago.)

10 Reasons Seattle Is In Perfect Position To Win The NFC West aka, Why Smoking Crack is Never a Good Idea;

This is madness. I think Atlanta is going to eat them for lunch. Their record on the East Coast sucks and as an NFL team, could you have a longer flight than from Seattle to Tampa? That game has 20-0 written all over it.

The Rams will probably make the playoffs this year. And they are the rising star in a division that reeks like a whoor's pleather mini skirt.

Lotsa work. Then three weeks off. Fuck. I might approach the CIA about coming out of 'retirement.' Just for a few weeks. I mean, i'm pretty close to the Middle East. Someone's got to get to the bottom of this whole business of Qatar getting the Word Cup. 1.7 million people and only 300,000 are citizens! Sepp Blatter (head of FIFA) says some other Middle East countries may host a few games. Who? Iran? Iraq? Long weekend in Fallujah! Lovely. Has the whole frakking world gone insane? Has it? Plus, it's 12oF in summer. They say they will have air-conditioned stadiums. That should help global warming.

What's next? Naked Lady Hoo Ha pics?

Sweet baby Jar Jar Binks! They exist!
But what the hell is that? It's like Dr. Seuss pornography! 'Who wears short shorts?' Nair Nair Nair! ASAP!

God may love you but i hate you

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  1. Angry. Angry young man. Not even really young, truth be told.