viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Feliz Navidad

Jose Feliciano

Is Dan Snyder the worst NFL owner of the past decade? Undoubtedly. No matter what he spends the Redskins suck and nothing could make me happier. And the coaches! Gibbs, Spurrier, Shanahan! I like Jim Zorn but that was a no win situation for him. I think Zorn will coach the Seahawks one day if he extablishes himself as a head coach again.

i watched threads, a BBC film from 1984 about a nuclear war between the Soviet Union And the States. The Soviets Nuke Sheffield, England because of it's closeness to military targets. Grim. Ugly. Very realistic. The BBC kicks ass. The best 80's nuclear holocaust movie i've seen since Testament with Jane Seymour . Now i am watching the Book Of Eli. Very good. I love post apocalyptic movies at Xmas. They make me think about the good things in life.

Fix Mrs. Psychiatrist Lady. I am broken. Please fix me.

Last Xmas Eve i watched the remake of On The Beach. Dark things make me look on the up side of things. Please help me! But i am generally happy.

I feel a little better. Before i thought i was gonna die earlier.

I will resurrect. Another Xmas Miracle.

Speaking of dying and resurrecting, the floor of the new metro trains are bright red! Everywhere. I was a bit disoriented from being sick and thought i had gone to hell. It was like the bathroom in The Shining.


Xmas Eve. Rough night. Hot, cold, night sweats, disturbing dreams - really F@#ked up ones. But i think i have turned the corner. I will just lie very low.

The NY Times had an article saying saying that humming may help to prevent Sinus infections because of the increased air flow. So i have been humming all day. So this is what it comes to. I just hum Feliz Navidad all day and hope it drives my landlady nuts.

So....Merry Xmas. In 7 days i'll have a new home.


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