miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

An Xmas Miracle!

throw off those chains of reason
and your prison disappears

I found a flat! I really needed to find one as Elena is jobless and bankrupt and leaving the flat Jan 1. (which she's has told me she owns, but earlier told me she rents) to move back to Bulgaria or Cuba or Transylvania. She lies constantly and perpetually and she's as intelligent as a shoehorn so i really don't know where she's from. Don't care.

So it's a decent size room. There's no desk but there is an office i can use, but he was up front about it from the beginning (unlike certain other SheBeasts) and the rent is super reasonable, so i can afford to buy a desk and a chair from Ikea next week, with all the Xmas sales. Juan is a nice guy. He's Peruvian (haven't rented from one of those folks as yet!). There's one other gal living there i haven't met yet. Hopefully she's hot and loves Rush, Yes and King Crimson.

The problem is that most of the ads for houses don't have pictures or don't have all the info. Some don't even say where they are or the price! You call and they say "Lo siento, buscamos por una chica (we're looking for a girl)." Why didn't you say that in the ad! Plus, it's Xmas so everyone has stopped working and is just drunk all the time. In general, Spanish people are staggeringly crude, shallow and uneducated. The lady at the little corner market, who's pleasant and funny, called Spain the cola (tail) of Western Europe. And she's from China, which is the world's asshole, so that's really saying something.

So with just 10 days to find a place, i found a place. And it's only for 7 months. Hell, i could do 7 months in a penitentiary if i had to (as long as there was no Ass Raping.)

It's an Xmas miracle! So i would like to take this moment to declare the letter X as my personal savior. I believe that it willing chose to live at the ass end of the alphabet, with such unsavory characters as Y and Z, so that i might find a place to live for Jan 1. Hallelujah! I am a Bored-Again Xian!

This post was brought to you by (say it for me you Electric Company Alums, Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno!;) the Letter X

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