lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010


confusion will be my epitaph
-King Crimson

There's no place like home
-Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Why can't i seem to stay in one place?

Many classes canceled but still had 5 hours. Looks like i'll have some hours next week too. That's nice.


Still looking for a flat. If worse comes to worse i can temporarily live with Maria. And on a very sad note, her youngest cat, Guinness, died from anemia yesterday. She was only three. She loved to bite my big toes, dedos gordo Americano (Literally; American Big Toes)! She will be missed. Maria is a wreck. Pobrecita!

I go to see another flat tomorrow. Not really a good time to look. Even though my two-faced lying bitch of a landlord wants me out, i said i would stay til i can find a place. Their rental laws here are similar to the US; hard to get someone out. However, she is packing up her stuff cuz she said she is moving back to Bulgaria. She also said she owns this place, which is opposite what she told me before. She's just a liar and a lunatic. She still has a lung infection from Oct cuz she's too stupid to take an antibiotic. She loathes me. But it just makes me laugh. It's surprising how comfortable i am with people hating me. I don't give a damn what anyone thinks if they are an idiot.

All the Sleepers send you their dreams
-Steve Hackett

Still going. Still moving. Can't stop me. You may slow me down, but that's all.

Fuck! I sound like Tony Robbins, who we all know must be an Alien. The only thing i ever liked about him was Shallow Hal. That movie is an all-time fave.

Where the hell are my pants?

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