lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Choosing the Fifth......

June 5th in history

1907 Automatic washer and dryer are introduced ^

1912 U.S. Marines invade Cuba, 3nd time v

1966 Cincinnati Red Leo Cardenas hits 4 home runs in a doubleheader ^

1969 Race riot in Hartford Connecticut v

1993 Singer Mariah Carey weds Tommy Mottola, CEO (Sony Music) v

2010 First ever electric concert of FROM LOST TO THE RIVER at Hangar 19, Madrid. ^

It rained bats and frogs last night. We even lost the Internet. It down poured 2x more today. It started out nice, then got really cold and then was hot as balls. Make up your mind! Damn you Mother Nature!

Got home at 23:00. Only 4 hours manana. And it's Bender Tuesday. Hooray!

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