lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

April Fools

I live in an entire country of Fools, so there's no point of getting excited about one day. 

Happy Birthday Janet!

Yesterday watched Spurs crush Swansea City with The Welsh Witch yesterday (she is from Swansea.) Swansea wore all orange. I ask her if they were cleaning the highways of litter before the match (they were.)

Then ran some errands. Saw Brian at J&J, Carolyn and Dani later at Triskel. A long lazy day.

No work today. Got to fax some sign in sheets and then go get paid at one academy. I need to clean my room too, but i'm inclined to just throw a match when i leave in August. Yeah, that'll do. 

It's Semana Santa.                                                                         

SPANIARD #1 - "Let's have a general strike, set Barcelona on fire and then take a week off."

SPANAIRD #2 - "I'm in brother!"

Games of Thrones is back on HBO! And Baseball begins in earnest on Thurs! 

The over / under for the Mets to be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention - June 5th.

Let's go Nats!

Thanks to Lisa and Mary for all the suggestions about teaching jobs in CT.

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