domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Mets in First

Lambs Dyed for Easter

Listening to:
Animals - Pink Floyd
Agenda (live) - John Wetton
Court and Spark - Joni Mitchell

Well, Vicky, Sarah and i went out for lunch. The place i wanted to go for conejo (rabbit) was closed, so we went to La Latina and i had the leg of lamb (i insist on eating cute animals on Easter, as is  tradition.) It was enormous and delicious. The starter was gazpacho, equally yummy. 

I hope you had a good Easter and enjoy this season of rebirth and Spring. We were like 62F today and the rain is finally gone. But we needed it badly. 

I can't believe i'm typing this, but the New York Mets are undefeated and alone atop the NL East. It won't last. It can't last. But kudos to Santana, Dickey and Neese, who all pitched well this week. Next up, the Nationals. A delicious match up! Davey Johnson coming back to play the Mets. 

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