domingo, 29 de abril de 2012


I stepped upon the platform 
the man gave me the news
he said "you must be joking son
where did you get those shoes?
Where did you get those shoes?

Well i've seen 'em on the TV
the movie show
they say that time's are changing
but i just don't don't know
these things are gone forever
over a long time ago
oh yeah
-Steely Dan

Life is surreal. We are without Internet and it is the end if the month. And i need to look for jobs this weekend. They will fix it on Monday. They provide the router and because it is a piece of shit, it broke.

This fucking country is killing me loudly.


All i ask of you 
is make my wildest dreams come true
-Steely Dan

CAPS vs. RANGERS tonite! Bring it on baby! Bring it on!

Prediction: WASH  over NY in 7
NJ over PHI in 7
LA over STL in  7
NASH vs. PHX - who fucking cares?

Unemployment is 23.6%, equal to the USA during the depths of Great Depression. The cost of Metro has risen. Taxes have increased. More austerity means less consumer confidence. I think it could grow as high as 28% by year end. It's like Germany after WWI. 

All of us get lost in the darkness
Dreamers learn to steer by the stars
All of us spend time in the gutter
Dreamers learn to look at the cars

So i am getting on a big boat and sailing to the New World. Just like my great grandfather and great Nana before me, a hundred years ago. Damn, that's freaky. My projected Repatriation is 9th. I don't suppose i should be surprised that my family has to flee Europe once every hundred years. See you again in 2112!

He's a rebel and a runner
he's signal that's turning green
he's restless young romantic
wants to run a big machine

He's got a problem with his poisons
But you know he'll find a cure
He's cleaning up the system
to keep his nature pure

Trying to match the beat of the old world man
Trying to the catch the heat of the third world man

And then they'll be a new blog; OUT OF EXILE: Tales of Repatriation Games 

We don't even have a dial tone on the land line (fiajdo.) Maybe they didn't pay the bill. It's happened before. And know they both have lied to my face before. We'll see what happens on Monday, because then Tues. and Wed. are holidays. When are there ever not holidays in Spain? 25% employment and they've had 7 - 10 paid days off in the past Calendar Month! And there's another one on the 15th. It's crazy. I fell like Charlton Heston

It's a madhouse! A madhouse!
-Planet of the Apes (1968) 

 What a freak show that movie is. brilliant. Way ahead of it's time. Gripping and terrifying. Rod Serling wrote part of the script. 

Mum liked the new novel, Buying New Soul. She said it was 'heavy," which it certainly is. The story takes you on a crazy trip, sometimes a bit surreal, like the original Planet of the Apes. It's dark but for all of you who know me, that can't possibly come as a surprise. But considering that 68 year old, law abiding,well educated, suburban women are not my niche market segment, just that she liked it is a good sign.

She said it was difficult to not think of me while she was reading it. I get that, especially the first five chapters. Then it just goes completely bat shit. 

But that's a recurring theme through out most of my fiction. Somehow it became a theme in my life. Maybe it is everyone's at some point or another. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Since i don't have Internet i watched the Hunger Games again this week. Loved it! And last night Pink Floyd at Pompeii, what a classic film.

I've been looking through old pictures on the computer. Annie as a wee child. Friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic. About 13 different apartments. All the kids growing up before my eyeballs. Amazing stuff. 

Okay - shower, go to place with Internet, meet Vicky and co. for dinner at a Russian place in La Latina. 

I don't know how warm it is out without the Internet i guess i could stick my head out the fucking window. How quaint. It's like 1912 all over again.


Ashes to ashes
fun to funky
we know Major Tom's
A junkie
-David Bowie


All is well. The Russian place was great and i really enjoyed meeting the Welsh Witch's friend Jen. She said we would get along, and we did. She was very cool. 

Carlos' kids were over today (our new housemate.) They are fun. Very cute. I really love kids. I mean, they are so innocent. I like kids. A girl maybe six. A boy about three.

When i get settled in the US i'm going to get another Burmese cat and name him after another great guitarist; Hackett, Gilmour, Page, Lifeson. Or maybe make it a bassist this time and call him Geddy. 

Ok -  i go sleeping.

It's not the kill 
It's the thrill of the chase
-Deep Purple


I love sleeping. Time to shower and go to the Internet cafe and Skype with Sue and Annie. Let me see if i can figure out how to make my auxiliary camera work so they can see me. Got to take the old Mac Book in for a tune up when i get to the New World.

Vicky read the novel and is going to give me her initial feedback. I should a much better version of the text in about 2 weeks for those of you who haven't read it yet. 

you just draw your own conclusions
-Procol Harum

I am at the hotel bar across the street from my flat. Tengo Internet, por fin! (i finally have Internet!)

The Caps dropped game one to NY. No surprise. Game 2 on Monday at 1:30 CET + 1, but Tues is a holiday!

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