miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Somewhere out of a Memory


Memory 1

Drawn like moths we drift into the city 
The timeless old attraction 
Cruising for the action 
Lit up like a firefly 
Just to feel the living night 

Some will sell their dreams for small desires 
Or lose the race to rats 
Get caught in ticking traps 
And start to dream of somewhere 
To relax their restless flight 

Somewhere out of a memory of lighted streets on quiet nights...


Here is the track listing for Rush's Clockwork Angels, due out
Tuesday,  Jun 12.

Trivia: This will be the 3rd Rush studio release that has happened while i am abroad. Can you name the other 2? (Kevin and Mel, i'm talking to you.)

  • 1.    Caravan
  • 2.    BU2B
  • 3.    Clockwork Angels
  • 4.    The Anarchist
  • 5.    Carnies
  • 6.    Halo Effect
  • 7.    Seven Cities Of Gold
  • 8.    The Wreckers
  • 9.    Headlong Flight
  • 10.    BU2B2
  • 11.    Wish Them Well
  • 12.    The Garden

Winter is coming
-Motto of House Stark, A Song of Ice and Fire.

So many cancelations. The economic recession gets worse on a daily basis. Winter is coming. And it's going to be a long ass cold one. 

Memory 2

Oh how i loathe doing my CV. I have one but it's all European  with some whacky formatting and my picture on it, so i need to change it. Plus, i have to update it.  So i am Americanizing and reformatting it. 

Memory 3

I walk through the streets of Madrid and think of how long i've been here. So many memories. 

Memory 4

My 1st Repatriation from Jamaica in 1992. Ugh! That was awful. I shouldn't think of that, so I won't. I felt like a fish with feet. Like a rowboat lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Like an alien life form on a far away planet. Like a Born Again Christian at a pagan festival. 

But that's how it goes. It all gets better eventually.

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