miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Game Seven


Real Madrid lost to Bayern on penalties to miss the Champions League Final. The bar i saw it in by my house was mental. Oh well. That opens the door for Atleti to be the only Madrid team with a chance to win a European Cup, as long as they take care of Valencia  Manana is the 2nd leg of the Europa League semis. 

And in 2 hours, it's game 7 WAS and BOS. If they win, they will play NY, NJ or FLA. NY/OTT and NJ/FLA play game 7 manana. 3 game sevens in the 1st road. Awesome. 



I talked to Mel. She sounds good. She's not in a lot of pain and she's started physical therapy. I spoke to her on Saturday too. 

Game time in 5 minutes! I am psyched to see the game. Although the last three game 7 they played were all loses. Hockey can be a cruel mistress.

Well, at least it's MSNBC instead of the CBC. I can't take any more of PJ Stock and the theatre of the absurd. 

Manana is the NFL draft. We'll see who the Seahawks wind up with. 

There's a lot of talk that Albert Pujols isn't the player he used to be, since he's in a slump. "Duh. It's called the American League. The National League hitters see more fastballs. That's why all the 'roid heads who broke the home run record recently played in the NL. A hitter sees too many breaking balls in the AL. Pujols is 32. The Angels gave him $240m for ten years, which will make him 42! The Angels are idiots. But we already knew that. Texas is going to thrash them this year. He should have stayed in the NL. Who the hell wants to live in LA anyway?

1st 16:36

The Caps have had the only chances so far

11:09 Holtby has to save a flurry of shots. B's have the last 6 shots. 

I am tired. Wonder if i'm going to last 3 periods. Maybe i can nap between periods. 

Carlson, wrist shot, scores!

1 -1

Fucking hell! We're going to OT for 4th time. 

Ward scores! Caps win! Caps win! 

Washington is moving on to play NJ, NY or Fla. And i can go to sleep.

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